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Kevin workshop - Kansas City Improv Festival, Kansas City, MO

Workshop sign-up: Check website

  • Date/Time: Saturday Aug 18th from 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Location: Buffalo Room (Banquet Room)
  • Teachers: Kevin McDonald
  • Skill Level: All Levels
  • Max Students: 16

Join Kevin McDonald of the Kids in the Hall for a daylong workshop to learn how to write sketches through improvisation - just like the Kids in the Hall used to do. But not only that! You will do a show that night with Kevin, in front of a real live audience, performing the sketches you wrote that day. Exciting? Kevin thinks so, and he thinks you will too.

Kevin will talk about the secrets of writing comedy sketches (hopefully they’re secrets and not lies) and teach you the Kids in the Hall process of coming up with an idea and turning it into a sketch through improvisational rehearsal. You will be performing and writing with Kevin supervising, all day. And that night, you put on your show! During the workshop, he promises bathroom and lunch breaks and if you ask him, there's a good chance Kevin will tell stories about the Kids in the Hall. You might actually have to ask him to shut up telling stories about the Kids in the Hall. He's beside me now, telling stories about the Kids in the Hall. Shut up Kevin.